Do Restaurants Use Air Fryers?

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Now that you know how important air fryers are for restaurants, we wanted to give you a few reasons why they are not often used in restaurants. In this article, we discuss 10 reasons why restaurants don’t use air fryers.

What is The Reason Restaurants Don’t Use Air Fryers?

There are a few reasons why restaurants don’t use air fryers. Here are 10 of them:

1. Air fryers are not energy efficient.

A lot of people think of air fryers as being quick and easy to use, but they are not always the most energy-efficient way to cook food in mass. That’s because an air fryer uses a lot of heat and energy to cook food, which can be a problem if you’re trying to save on your energy bill. Plus, if you’re cooking for a large group, using an air fryer may not be the best way to go because it takes a long time to cook things through.

2. Air fryers are not easy to clean.

Air fryers are not easy to clean. Their small cooking surfaces and limited interior space make them difficult to clean in comparison to other types of cookware. Additionally, their hot air circulation system can cause grease and food particles to build up on the unit, making it difficult to clean.

3. Air fryers can be a fire hazard.

Air fryers can be a fire hazard. There have been reports of air fryers catching on fire, most notably when an air fryer is left unattended with oil or fat still inside. While this is rare, it’s always best to be safe when cooking and avoid leaving your air fryer unattended.

4. Air fryers are not good for reheating food.

Air fryers are a popular kitchen appliance that heat food by circulating hot air. They are often used to reheat food, but they are not recommended for this purpose. Air fryers cook food at high temperatures, which can cause it to be over-cooked and dried out. This means that air fryers may not be the best option for reheating foods like pizza or chicken nuggets.

5. Air fryers can be a mess to use.

Air fryers can be a mess to use, especially if you’re not used to them. The first time I tried using an air fryer, I burned the French fries because I didn’t realize that the air fryer heats up so quickly.

Air fryers are great for cooking small batches of food, but they can be a little chaotic if you’re not used to them. They work best when you put the food in and leave it alone, rather than trying to mix everything together while it cooks.

6. Air fryers can be expensive to buy.

Air fryers are a recent innovation and can be expensive to buy. They are often marketed as an easy way to cook food without using oil or fat, but some air fryers can be quite expensive. There are also many air fryer models on the market, with different features and prices. If you’re looking for an air fryer, it’s important to choose one that’s compatible with your needs and your budget.

7. Air fryers can be expensive to operate.

Air fryers are often seen as a more expensive option than traditional cooking methods, like ovens and stovetops. They can be cheaper to buy than an air fryer, but they can also be more expensive to operate over time. This is because air fryers use more energy to reheat.

8. Air fryers can be difficult to calibrate.

Air fryers can be difficult to calibrate. This means that they may not cook food evenly or at the correct temperature. For this reason, it is important to use caution when using an air fryer.

9. Air fryers can be difficult to store.

Air fryers are often difficult to store. They take up a lot of space and can be a hassle to move around. Some people also find them difficult to clean.

10. Air fryers can be difficult to bake with.

Baking is a process that relies on heat and moisture, which are not always the best qualities for food that will be deep-fried. Air fryers work by heating up oil or fat until it reaches a high temperature and then using a fan to circulate the air around the food. This method does not allow for moisture to form, so baked goods typically come out dry and crispy.


Air fryers are a fantastic kitchen gadget to use at home. However, when it comes to a restaurant setting, they may not be the best choice. Cooking for the masses is the place for a much more reliable and consistent oven or stove.