How To Use A Watermelon Slicer

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Watermelon is a refreshing summer fruit that you can enjoy in many ways. One way to eat watermelon is by cutting it into slices and then scooping out the insides with a spoon or fork.

However, how do you cut a watermelon properly?

The most effective way to cut through your watermelon so that it’s easy to scoop out the flesh inside is by using a watermelon slicer! This article will provide tips on how to use this kitchen tool for an easy slice of deliciousness.

What is a watermelon slicer?

A watermelon slicer is a kitchen tool that has two halves with teeth along the inside. It’s designed to cut through your watermelon in even, thin slices without leaving any ragged edges or chunks of fruit behind.

How to use a watermelon slicer

First, cut the watermelon in half, please be very careful with this step!

Second, place one-half of the watermelon on top of a flat surface with the cut side up (ensure this is on a flat stable surface).

Third, place the watermelon slicer on top of the cut surface and align it according to how you would like your slices.

Fourth, press down firmly with one hand holding onto both handles of the slicer.

Fifth, move slowly across from side to side to slice up your deliciousness! Make sure not to force things too much when slicing because this could cause some bruising.

Sixth (optional), if you want smaller pieces for children’s lunches then cut in the opposite direction to make squares!

Why do you need a watermelon slicer?

A watermelon slicer is a kitchen tool that allows you to cut through your watermelon and create slices. This makes the process a lot easier to scoop the flesh out and provides a more aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Some watermelon slicers have three blades that cut from both sides, this is an effective way of cutting through your fruit quickly!

The most important things you should remember when using a watermelon slicer are how careful you need to be with slicing it in half (please ensure that it’s on a flat surface!) and how not to force too much or else there will be bruising. Remember also to read the instructions before use for any particular safety information specific to that device!

Are watermelon slicers worth the money?

It depends on how much you are willing to spend. If the watermelon slicer is sturdy and well made, then it may be worth purchasing because they last for a long time!

Benefits of using a watermelon slicer:

– safer than knife slicing as there’s less risk of cutting yourself in the process;

– creates slices that make scooping out flesh easier;

– helps with a presentation by creating aesthetically pleasing wedges or squares if desired.


Watermelon slicers can be expensive depending on how fancy you want yours to look (plastic vs stainless steel); some require special blades which means replacement costs when needed. They also take up more space so this may not suit smaller kitchens.

What to do with leftover watermelon?

One of the most popular ways to use leftover watermelon is by using it in a refreshing juice or smoothie. There are many recipes on how you can create this drink for your enjoyment! Check out some ideas below:

– Cut up cubes of chilled watermelon and add them to lemonade for an icy summer treat

– Mashup the watermelon with some bananas and yogurt for a healthy, refreshing snack

– Mix apple juice, ice cubes, and chopped chilled watermelon in an old-fashioned blender to make frosty slushies.

Some other ideas on how you can use your leftover fruit are by making dips or sauces from it!

Wrapping things up

If you’re in the market for a watermelon slicer, consider these factors: safety, cost, and space. Safety is important when it comes to using this kitchen tool because there are fewer risks of cutting yourself with one than when slicing by hand.

Cost can vary depending on what type of material you want your product made out of (plastic or stainless steel) but they do take up more space so if that’s an issue then keep this in mind as well!

After considering all three points, hopefully, now you know enough about how to use a watermelon slicer and enjoy deliciousness without any hassles!